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Developing Youth and Promoting Life-Long Learning

Worldwide, the education sector is facing unprecedented challenges. The intellectual debate that has been taking place over the last few decades regarding the need to change and innovate the field of education has almost overnight turned into a pressing need for immediate action.

The Covid 19 pandemic revealed how unprepared the system is to react in the face of any unexpected challenge.  


NCG is passionate about, and dedicated to, making the world a better place by improving educational systems and empowering youth to achieve progress and success. We utilize research, best practice and real-world experience in the K-12 and post-secondary sectors to develop solutions that span from strategy to implementation and evaluation. Program development is tailored to provide the most impactful results by delivering innovative solutions that are grounded in quality practices, tailored to the specific needs of each client, and highly practical. 

Who are we
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NCG helps clients navigate an increasingly challenging and demanding landscape with impactful innovation and meaningful transformation. We focus on the development of human capital 

Our team has been transforming educational and learning systems around the world for decades.

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All our associates enjoy outstanding track records, have contributed to major initiatives around the world, and are recognized as leaders in their respective fields and disciplines.from cyber criminals.

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Our way does work

At NCG, we believe that any education system should be regarded and approached as a holistic eco system where parents, students, teachers and school leaders play equally important; sometimes interchangeable, key roles.

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