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The use of the internet , online gaming, and social media could be one of the biggest threats to our children, their homes, and schools.

Youth Cyber Citizenship

Cybersecurity has become one of the most critical subjects to understand by anyone who access the internet. It is the most important, often the best, defense we have against the relentless daily attacks against our computers, financial data, and work/school data by cybercriminals from all around the world.

Cybercriminals have proven over and over again that their attacks do not discriminate against age, everyone is a target to their malicious acts.

Children and youth are often considered to be a soft target, mainly due to the fact that they have not been trained yet on basic cybersecurity subjects and basic ways to protect themselves and their devices, making them an easy gateway into more valuable home and school devices and networks.

Acknowledging the need to address this subject, Novus Consulting Group developed the Cyber Citizenship Course, an entertaining online training program specifically designed for children and youth between the ages of 15 and 18.

The online course covers the basics and fundamentals of cybersecurity as a subject, then dives into the what to do and not to do while using a laptop or mobile phone, how to recognize cybercriminal activities, safe web surfing and best social media practices, among many other subjects.

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Unfortunately  Not True

Since 2016, there has been over 1,099 cybersecurity incidents targeting K-12 schools and districts.

Our Schools and    Students are safe.   Cyber criminals are  not   interested in  targeting us.  

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41% of higher education cyber security incidents and breaches were caused by social engineering attacks. 

Cybersecurity awareness  and education are known to be the best defense against social engineering attacks


Teaching our students about the basics of cybersecurity and safe online habits will not help curb successful attacks on our schools

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The training is full of real-life examples that the student can relate to and is always updated with the latest trends.

The training program was developed by a group of senior cybersecurity field experts and leading cybersecurity professors. The program was also designed to directly address the targeted age bracket by a group of global educational experts. 

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Course Highlights

  • Developed by cybersecurity industry experts

  • Reviewed and approved by top cybersecurity professors

  • Designed to speak directly to the specific age group

  • Easy and entertaining material

  • Designed to help high school and first year college students protect their personal identity, home devices, and school data & networks

  • Allows students to explore the cybersecurity field as a potential college degree or a professional path

  • Continuously updated to keep up with the latest trends and threats of cybersecurity

  • 100% Online course

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