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About Us

NCG is committed to becoming a key player in efforts that focus on eliminating the gap between learning and work in meaningful and innovative ways. As a learning and development firm, we provide opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge that lifelong learners need to stay current with technologies and to succeed in the 21st century workforce.


The NCG approach involves innovative solutions grounded in quality practices, which are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and highly practical. NCG have contributed to major reform and development initiatives around the world.











Global Education
  • Strategic Planning & System Wide Assessment and Development programs

  • Governance & Design Thinking

  • Organizational Performance Management & Measurement

  • K-12 Policy & Programs

  • Higher Education

Countries: GCC Region

Sample Projects

  • Restructuring & Accreditation in Higher Education Institutions

  • Youth Development

  • Social Emotional Learning Programs

  • Workplace preparation programs

  • Professional Development & Upskilling projects

Countries: MENA Region

Sample Projects

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NCG experts take pride in their relentless efforts to tailor our work, and any resulting business model or development paradigm, to the specific needs of our clients. We truly work shoulder to shoulder with our clients as part of our collaborative, supportive and results-focused approach. This is also part of how we make sure that our work is impactful resulting in sustainable positive changes.


We are innovative and passionate about providing meaningful solutions to challenges that face organizations, educational institutions, and governments

  • Strategic planning for educational material integration into the private and public school systems 

  • K-12 Course Development 

  • Accreditation and program certifications for educational programs

Countries: Europe Region

Sample Projects

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