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Over and over again, research and surveys have shown that in order for an organization's staff to be fully engaged and become more productive; organizations must invest in their employees in areas outside of their core job functions

Human Talent Development



NCG experts are helping industry professionals in the corporate world develop the essential skills necessary to succeed in a 21st century workplace. Recent courses focused on:

  • Mental Health and Physical Well-Being: Promoting physical health and recognizing the importance of mental well-being, resilience, grit and motivation.

  • Educational Stability and Relevance: Ensuring an appropriate character-led curriculum to develop the skills, values, and behaviors that will be required to navigate continuing global uncertainty.

  • Economic Awareness and Opportunity: Providing local, regional and global perspectives to broaden young people’s understanding and collaboration in preparation and response to changing work patterns and job markets.

  • Citizen Participation and Community: Instilling principles of civic duty, community participation and citizenship supported through social and emotional learning.

  • Equality and Leadership: Promoting all aspects of equality (gender, race, religion, culture) and developing young leaders to contribute to decisions and make an impact.

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