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In an increasingly globalised society and economy countries continually strive to prepare their future generations to be better global citizens, while ensuring they remain capable, responsible and valuable members of their own communities and national society. 

Youth Development



Demographic imbalances are brought about by large-scale immigration and urbanisation and the need to remain tolerant, harmonious, caring and cohesive societies, as well as succeed in integrating modernity and globalisation with national values becomes increasingly more important, yet arguably more challenging. 

For decades, the most developed K-12 education systems have sought to offer an education in which young people acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for a successful and prosperous adulthood, in which at the very least, they not only make meaningful and productive contributions in the workplace, but in which they make responsible and productive contributions to their communities and society.

NCG experts are helping schools districts, regulators and governments answer and address some of the most critical issues of this generation. The initiative brings together four independent focus areas: Social Intelligence, Cyber Citizenship, Health and Well-Being, Social Engagement

Social Intelligence

The Social Intelligence program is a set of ten modules created to help teenagers develop their understanding of themselves. The program challenges them to think through how they can best deal with a wide range of situations and issues. This program covers cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, political intelligence, team working, leadership, resilience, and more.


Cyber Citizenship

Living in an increasingly digital world offers great opportunities but places new demands on children and young people. This important new program provides insights into cybersecurity and staying safe online. Read more about the Youth Cyber Citizenship Course here.


Health and Well-Being

Good physical and mental health are fundamental to our wellbeing, but a whole series of other factors also contribute. Through a consideration these factors, learners become happier, more successful adults. The modules cover health and happiness, relationships, education and study, sleep and relaxation, exercise and activity, technology and social media, coping with problems, and seeking help.


Constructive engagement with friends, family, local communities and wider society has never been more important. To achieve this requires an understanding of oneself, other individuals and social, legal, political, economic and environmental systems. This program offers important insights into all of these areas, including self-awareness, friendships and bullying, active citizenship and volunteering, legal systems, political systems, economic systems, financial literacy, and public speaking.

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